Top Paint Color Trends for 2023, According to Designers

Choose the best hue for your interior with these expert recommendations.

"Small shots of big citrus bring excitement to a space without creating visual overwhelm. It’s like a punchy-colored throw pillow for the wall. When used in a specific area of wall, it defines a space and everything looks good against this yellow green. Even beige!" — Jackie Terrell, Interior Designer
dining area with neon yellow accent wall

"Blush really had its moment in 2022, but rust may be poised to take over. It's less feminine feeling and plays into an earthy modern color palette, making a beautiful companion to Dijon yellows, teals and greens." — Amy Vroom, Founder, The Residency Bureau
entry with rust colored cabinets

Monochromatic "Using the exact same color in the same finish to walls, trim and ceiling lets you keep the traditional details like crown molding while giving it an instant modern update. Going all in makes rooms feel dramatic, warm and welcoming all at once. A satin finish is the best option for this approach. It’s not as shiny as semi-gloss, but it has a little bit of sheen without being shiny." — MaryBeth ChristopheFounder andLead Designer, MBC Interior

monochrome green home officeRYAN GARVIN

Sherwin-Williams' Eider White "This color is often used for walls, but it is the new hot trend for stepping up your classic white kitchen cabinet. Not only is it warmer and richer, but it has a subtle contrast with the ever-so-popular white countertops." — Megan Unger, Owner and Creative Director, Megan Robertson’s Designsall white nurseryDANIELLE NICOLE PHOTOGRAPHY

Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray   "Striking paint colors, like Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray, are a great way to add interest and depth to any space." — Molly Torres Portnof, Founder, DATE Interiors
blue dining room

Plum "Plum is becoming the new neutral. The richer tones are being used to blend in with neutral spaces to make it feel warm, cozy and luxe." — Linda Hayslett, Founder, LH.Designs
room with purple walls and white cabinet

Sherwin-Williams' 2023 Color of the Year: Redend Point  

"Redend Point's subtle pink undertones make it easy to incorporate into any space. It delivers an enveloping warmth that instantly makes you feel at home. Build on its earthiness by utilizing the hue alongside natural-looking textiles and wood accents or create a desert oasis by layering terracotta shades and clay materials." — Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing, Sherwin-William

sherwin williams 2023 color of the year redend point in kitchen

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