Questions to Ask at Open Houses

So you found an awesome Open House but your agent can’t make it with you? That’s usually not a problem at all - it happens sometimes. Just be sure to share that you have an agent you are committed to when you are asked to sign in at Open House. 

When touring a home with a The Real Estate Shoppe agent, they will provide you with as much information as they possible! It's important to understand the health & overall condition of a home to ensure your offer is in line with the value it provides.  

Here are common questions your agent would ask if they were there with you: 

  1. What is the age of the roof? Your agent will pull permits for you to verify the accuracy of this information.
  2. How old is the AC? You can usually find an install date on the sticker on the AC if the agent isn’t sure.
  3. How old is the Water Heater? You can usually find an install date on the sticker on the AC if the agent isn’t sure.

  4. What kind of Wind Protection does the home have? Hurricane Shutters? Impact Windows AND doors? If there is a garage door, is it impact? Same for Cabana bath doors - is it impact? 

  5. Peek at the Electric Panel and look for the brand name. If you see Challenger, Zinsco or Federal Pacific, make a note to share with your agent. These brands are recalled and are likely to cause issues with obtaining insurance. 

  6. If the home was built between 1987-1994 - Are there Polybutylene Pipes in the property? 

  7. What is the sellers timeline to sell - are they purchasing another property? Do they need more than 30 days to close, or to stay in their home a few days after closing?

These 7 questions can help you build a foundation for an informed offer, if this is the home for you. 

When you sell your home with The Real Estate Shoppe, we already provide the answers to these questions to every buyer who comes through the door! That way, potential buyers send their best offers and begin a transaction with confidence. 

Click here to see a SampleFeatureSheet.pdf!

If you're considering buying or selling property, The Real Estate Shoppe is here to help you accomplish your goals.

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