Tips for Selling your home with Pets

While we expect and why not for everyone to love our pets like we do the reality is that when you are selling your home, that isn't always the case.  

So we wanted to share 3 easy tips that you can do to prepare when it's time to list!

Eliminate Odors and Clean:  The first thing anyone notices when they walk into a house for sale is the smell... If you need to, you can hire a professional cleaning service to clean your carpets and other hard-to-reach places. Then, bring in a friend, family member or even your realtor to do a smell test to ensure your home smells fresh and inviting.

Repair any damage: Take the time to fix any significant damage in your home that was caused by your dog or cat's chewing or biting. 

Remove any pet beds, crates or litter boxes:  Let's allow for the potential new owners of your home to envision themselves in this new space! 

Interested in selling your home and curious about what EXACTLY needs to get done before listing? Contact us TODAY and we'll set up a plan!

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